Monday, August 25, 2008

Good pots, good food

OK, I'm delaying glazing for a few minutes here to post a photo of part of the August harvest. This is the kind of summer thing we dream about here on Cape Cod when the freezing northeasters blow in during February.
We've got four or five different varieties of tomatoes planted in the little garden near Dee's garden shed and my gallery. I start the garden in May, nicely organized in rows of plants and seed and in hills of squash. But July, all of that organization has gone to hell and it's a jungle. So it is this year. The Asian squash has sent a long runner out toward Boxberry Hill Road and the bean poles have cucumbers (and even some beans) hanging on them. Everything is everywhere and you have to move ten different leaves of one kind or another to find all the produce.
We like the green confusion of the summer garden, we like the honeybees and we like eating the vegetables from pots made here and elsewhere. This particular pot is one of mine. You can't see much of it because of the glorious reds and yellows of the cherry tomatoes. It's a small bowl fired in Chris Gustin's beautiful big anagama in nearby South Dartmouth MA. The liner glaze is my studio version of Phil Rogers's Standard Ash.

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