Friday, August 15, 2008

An introduction to Hatchville Pottery

Summer is winding down in Falmouth, here on the west end of Cape Cod. The Falmouth Road Race was last Sunday, putting more than 10,000 runners on the 10K road from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights. The coffee shops and restaurants swell with out-of-towners in Nikes for a few days before and after the race, and then things begin to settle into an autumn mode.
Usually we see a few Road Race visitors stopping in to look at and buy pots. We're a bit remote out here in Hatchville, six miles from downtown Falmouth in what used to be farm country. Increasingly, this summer, I've noticed that people find us via their dashboard-mounted GPS units. A young New York City couple came by yesterday, directed by their GPS when they entered "pottery Cape Cod." They bought two serving bowls and a teapot. Good for them. And good for me.
Most of my work is sold at craft shows, open houses and kiln-openings here in Hatchville and in Pocasset in the fall at the home of my friends Donna Sutherland and Kevin Steele. Donna's a talented painter and sculptor and their house is perfect for the kind of joint Friday night dinner party and show that we have done the past couple of years. Our December holiday show, with Donna's work, mine and the work of maybe five other craftspeople, is another annual event. And my work is in the two Coffee Obsessions in Falmouth, one downtown and one in Woods Hole, as well as at the Inkwell bookstore on Main St. in Falmouth, at Dana's Kitchen on Sippewisset Road and the Daily Brew, a great coffee shop and restaurant in Cataumet, just over the Falmouth town line on Rte. 28A.
I will use this blog to post notices of upcoming sales and other events, and to let those people who care about it know what kind of work I'm making. I've admired what my friend Dan Finnegan, a potter in Fredericksburg VA, has done with his blog. He turned me on to Michael Kline's blog and after looking at both of them I thought this might be a worthwhile thing to do.
Take a look at the Hatchville Pottery website ( to get an idea of the kind of pots I make. Feel free to be in touch. Stop by the gallery if you're in Falmouth.

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Michael Kline said...

Hello Mr. Hollis! Thanks for the mention, sorry it took me a while to get around to thanking you! Hope you're staying warm up there on ye olde cape!