Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to the studio, after the wind

What little was left of Hurricane Hanna swept past the Cape late yesterday and early this morning, with not so nasty wind gusts and a bit of rain. Leaves and small branches on the ground, and a vast bank of cloud disappearing to the east at 8 a.m., unveiling blue sky and sun. Shoulda gotten into the kayaks, but instead we came home after Dee's church and my coffee in Woods Hole, had breakfast and then I headed to the studio.
Glaze buckets still out from the last firing were put away, things straightened up a bit and then I threw a board full of teabowls for next week's firing, and some small, shallow bowls. The sun dried the teabowls and I trimmed them late in the afternoon. They'll go into the bisque kiln tomorrow after they're bone dry. The bowls will dry overnight and then be trimmed at some point tomorrow.
I've always loved trimming feet on bowls, starting with a flat platform of raw, damp clay and ending with a quickly trimmed, imperfect foot that completes the pot. Early in my pot-making I took a weekend workshop in Virginia with the Welsh potter Phil Rogers and was impressed most by his quick and efficient trimming of feet on teabowls. Cut down the sides, cut out the center, set the pot aside and pick up another, get on with it. I love that.


Deborah Woods said...

I have really been working on this same theory. I have tended to fuss so much in the past with my trimming. I'm trying now to be fast. Precise, yet imperfect-I'm lovin' it. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog-your background in writing shows.

Hollis Engley said...

Thanks, Deborah. More to come, though who knows what it will be about? Must be getting some cool nights up there along the Pemigewasset (sp?). My folks spent winters in Warren for many years, so I know the area a bit. Nice pots on your blog, by the way.