Sunday, September 28, 2008

A good firing on a wet weekend

We opened the kiln this morning after shutting down at noon yesterday. Cone 11 down at the top, and halfway down on the bottom. A reversal of the usual temperatures, since the bottom tends to be hotter than the top in this Olympic downdraft kiln. No matter. There were good pots inside.
Most of the pots in these photos will be packed over the next couple of days and taken with me to Libertytown Arts Center in Fredericksburg, VA, for the show that opens this coming weekend.
Thanks to Dan Finnegan's kind invitation to Lorraine Colson and myself, we'll be showing our pots in the lobby gallery of Dan's wonderful art center. I left Virginia 10 years ago to return to Cape Cod. I hope there's some improvement in my pots since then.
So, here's a bit of a preview of what will be in the show.

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mengley said...

Nice stuff dad -- I particularly like the fish platter and the white teacups. Glad the firing went well.