Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A diversion from clay to tomatoes

I'm still sorting through pots today, finishing up the entry forms for the spring Cape Cod Potters show at the Cape Museum of Arts in Dennis, picking tomatoes from the garden before the rabbits get at them. I know I ran a tomato photo a few days ago, but what the hell, it's that time of year. So many smallish tomatoes that Dee and I can't eat them all out of a bowl, so I put a couple of cookie sheets of tomatoes in the oven to roast - 350 F for about an hour, a sprinkle of sugar and olive oil. That's the recipe of the day from Hatchville Pottery. These are the before and after photos of today's roasted tomatoes.

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Dan Finnegan said...

Hey! I KNOW that those tomatoes were awesome! And the pots look good too. I won't comment more...conflict of interest, etc.
I picked up Lorraine's pots for the show this morning. We had a nice cup of tea while I solved a pottery mystery for her! She had two of Phil Chapman's pots and didn't know who made them.
We discussed having dinner Thursday night before the opening if you were going to in DC then?