Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Off to Fredericksburg, Va.

I'm getting into the truck tomorrow morning around dawn and pointing it south, leaving the Cape for a few days to bring pots to LibertyTown Arts Workshop (yes, I've been using the wrong name for it in the past couple of posts) for a show with Lorraine Colson and a group of artists who work at LibertyTown. It's a ten-hour trip to Alexandria, where I'll stay with Lorraine, watch the Red Sox in opening of the American League Division Series, and get together with some other old friends. I also plan on driving on the clogged roads there in the metro-D.C. area and re-confirm for myself why we left the place ten years ago.
The show opens Friday evening. Come on down.
My friend Donna Sutherland, a painter, sculptor, printmaker, fine cook and dog-lover, helped pack the pots this morning. Donna and her partner Kevin Steele will host what has become our annual show at their beautiful home in Pocasset on the weekend of Nov. 7 and 8. On Friday the 7th Donna and I and new addition Bryan Randa, a glassmaker, will make lots of really, really, really good food for everyone. Kevin will find really good wine to go with it.
Donna and I spent much of last winter making clay prints, spurred by the wonderful work of Pennsylvania printmaker Mitch Lyons (mitchlyons.com). Donna will show only her clay prints in this show. Bryan will show glass work and I will show pots and prints. I'll attach work by Donna and Bryan to this post, to give you an idea of what we'll have.
All free, all fun. Save Friday for the party and Saturday for a more quiet contemplation of Redbrook Harbor out the front windows and of whatever art wasn't bought Friday.


Donna S said...

You are my first blog comment. It is all so professional and poetic. The print, Bryan's glass and your pots look like "fine art". I'm surprised. The comments are really nice too. Thanks. Drive safe and sell pots. Donna

Dan Finnegan said...

Thank you, Donna. When you have art to work with like your print and Bryan's glass, it's not hard. See you soon.

Dan Finnegan said...

Oops. That's Dan's face there, because I'm at his computer. But it's Hollis speaking.