Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pitchers and peppers

Much of today was given over to a long drive off-Cape to Braintree, just south of Boston, to pick up clay and chemistry at Portland Pottery. Portland will deliver, but I like getting in the truck, going over the bridge and carrying it back myself.
Not long after I got back to the Cape, a line of thunderstorms came in ahead of a cold front and dumped buckets of rain on the truck, soaking through the clay boxes, but not the plastic-wrapped clay. Rather than unload wet boxes, I trimmed some shallow bowls from yesterday and then threw five five-pound brown stoneware pitchers for the next firing. Each is about ten inches tall and will take up space on the bottom shelf.
I also went out into a very light rain late in the day and picked the ripe cayenne peppers off the three or four plants in the garden. These are very, very hot peppers. They ended up on a cookie sheet, drying in a low oven for use this winter. They're in the freezer now, their wonderful redness dulled down by the drying to something less vibrant than you see here.
Tomorrow, handles on the pitchers and then a dry-stacking of the kiln for the next firing.


Deborah Woods said...

You must go to Braintree? I also use Portland Pottery-but generally I order through their Portland Maine store, and have it delivered. My orders often come to around 1500 lbs. A little too much for my Honda Fit.

Hollis Engley said...

Hi, Deborah. Braintree's a bit more than an hour from Falmouth, so I usually drive up in the morning after the heavy traffic and before the afternoon rush. I usually get 750 pounds or so of clay; it's about what I have room to store.