Monday, September 1, 2008

Sorting out the pots from the Aug. 30 firing

All the pots that came out of the kiln yesterday are now sorted into gallery pots and show pots. Or potential show pots, I guess, depending on what attracts the juror's eye for the spring Cape Cod Potters show at the Cape Museum of Art.
The day after opening there is always time spent at the bench grinder, smoothing the bottoms of pots where glazes ran onto the shelf. I fire my pots on refractory clay wads to make that operation easier and to keep from ruining the bottoms of those pots. The ash glaze I use often runs, depending on the heat, the type of clay body and the type of ash. And runs sometimes weld the pot to the shelf, resulting in a maddening number of ruined or badly marred pots.
These four pots are: an 8" Shino plate with iron brushwork swirl under the glaze; a pair of Shino teabowls spattered with iron slip and then glazed, set upon a pair of 4x4 blocks cut for me by a woodworker friend; a small vase, maybe 5 inches high, paddled when leather hard and then glazed in two types of Shino.
Tomorrow it's on to throwing more pots for the next firing, in a couple of weeks.

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