Saturday, September 27, 2008

Wedding, penguins, and back to work

Last week was filled with family - the wedding of niece Rhobie and her new husband Tom at Lake George, NY, and the visit (for the wedding and for a penguin encounter) of our son Marcus and daughter-in-law Anastasia. Sunday, the day after the wedding and raucous reception, we dashed from Lake George to Mystic, CT, for a meeting with Green Blue, an African penguin at the Mystic Aquarium, joined by Anastasia's parents and aunt, up from NJ. Anastasia - a bird-lover with the degrees to prove it - loves penguins. So we all got up close and personal with little Green Blue. Want more details? Just let me know.
We came back here to the Cape after the penguin encounter and the two Seattleites got re-acquainted with some of their Cape relatives and friends. And then they left and I went immediately into glaze-and-load mode. I'm leaving Wednesday for the show with Lorraine Colson at Libertytown Arts Center in Fredericksburg, VA, and I wanted to fire one last kiln load.
That's happening as I write. I candled overnight and got up at 5 to begin the turn-ups. Last time I checked, about five minutes ago, cone 9 was going over both top and bottom. It shouldn't be long before I shut down.
There are a couple of platters in there that I might take to the show, plus 16 spattered white teabowls, a set of six beer cups and some pitchers. We'll see how this all looks in the morning, when I open, but the firing has gone well so far. No surprises.
I'll spend today cleaning up a bit in the studio, while the rain pours down outside. We've had a couple of weather systems coming through here, including Tropical Storm/Hurricane Kyle, which may or may not sweep through tomorrow. It's been wet, but there's something quite nice about glazing and loading with the big front door open and the rain pouring down outside.
All for now. I'll attach a couple of photos - of the Bride Triumphant, the kids with the penguin and ... oh, yeah ... some pots. This is a pottery blog, after all.

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