Monday, October 27, 2008

New pots for Nov. show and filling orders

I thought someone out there might benefit from seeing my highly organized system for keeping track of the pots that some people want. When someone asks if I can make a certain pot, I scramble for any spare piece of paper, find a pen or pencil and scribble it down. Or, as in the case of the computer printout, sometimes a customer actually has a clearly thought-out idea in a printed communication, as you see here. The kitchen utensil holder order here by one woman is defined by a friend of hers and passed on to me.
In any case, the notes all get magnetically posted on the sheet-steel door of my kiln, where I can see them.
Our daughter-in-law, Anastasia, wants a certain kind of hanging planter, glazed a certain way, for the wooden fence at their Seattle home. That's on another piece of paper. There is also a list of pots I'm making now for the firing next week, just before the show at Donna Sutherland's house in Pocasset. That list includes "Ed mugs," which are narrow-bottom mugs that fit conveniently into the cupholder of Ed Sholkovitz's very clean little BMW. Ed dropped one on unforgiving pavement and is down to only one. So I have to make more of those and should do that this afternoon.
Below the posted orders are many pots drying in the afternoon sun today. Teabowls, shallow faceted serving or condiment bowls, that kitchen utensil holder and some others like it, a few odd vases ... all make up the past couple of days' pots. We're enjoying one of the Cape's fine warm and sunny fall days, before tomorrow's rain and cold come in.
Onward to making Ed Mugs.

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