Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pitchers and mugs for next week's firing

I've finished making pots for next week's firing, which will be a couple of days before the Friday-Saturday show at Donna Sutherland's house in Pocasset. Now, to see if the pots will dry in time to go into the bisque-firing. I suspect I'll be pulling pots out of the bisque and directly into the glaze bucket. I never, ever, ever do anything far enough ahead.
In this photo, shot this morning, the board of drying pots include some Medieval-looking tall pitchers ("jugs" for the UK types) and a few mugs. (The pitchers were thrown in two pieces, in my latest attempt to get the weight out of the bottom.) The smaller mugs to the left are the "Ed mugs," narrow-bottomed ones that will fit into a car's cupholder. They're named for Ed Sholkovitz, a friend who wanted one for his BMW. (Friday is Ed's birthday, by the way, so say "Happy Birthday" to him if you see him.)
The weather continues lovely but cold here on Cape Cod. Most of the maples lost their leaves in the big wind we had a couple of nights ago. We have about ten sugar maples on the property here and they turn color and lose leaves at different times, starting in late August or early September. One tree, right next to Boxberry Hill Road, is still hanging in, with a full blanket of yellow leaves.
Now, off to frame prints for the show at Donna's.


mengley said...

Love the pitchers -- fill one with mead and send it my way :)

doug fitch said...

Beauties all.