Thursday, December 4, 2008

Back to the wheel for Christmas

I came back from New Bedford to several deadlines for show paperwork and photographs. Got images for jurying off to the Lexington Arts Center in Lexington, Mass., for their biennial "State of Clay" show next spring. I had a couple of pots in the last one, which was exciting. Great show.
I also got the last of the paperwork off to the Cape Cod Museum of Art for the February show of work by Cape Cod potters. That should be a lovely show, with a couple of hundred pots in a big, well-lighted gallery there in Dennis. We need something big and well-lighted here in February. Juror Dan Finnegan is, I think, coming up for the opening and to give a gallery talk.
So today I got back to the wheel to make pots for the kiln-opening at our annual holiday show and sale here at the pottery. This year's will be Dec. 20-21, with the kiln-opening at 11 Saturday morning. People love handling the warm pots and hearing the tinkling of cooling glaze.
Joining me for this show will be jeweler Kim Collins, bookmaker Ruth Bleakley (she of the Dickensian name ... ) and painter Jean Swan.
I did 20 or more small Karatsu-style condiment dishes to start the throwing this afternoon. I did a workshop at Anderson Ranch in Colorado many years ago with Nakazato Takashi and this form is very much like his work. These will get a couple of different shinos and perhaps some temmoku.
And I loved this other small vase that came out of last week's firing, so I saved it for a show. Those larger vases above the small dishes will be finished tomorrow in the form of this shino jar with Coleman Black splashed over it.
Trimming and more throwing tomorrow. I'm glad to be back to work in the studio.


doug fitch said...

That's a beauty of a pot

tsbroome said...

I have enjoyed looking at your pots for some time, but this one is one of my favorites so far!! It's just beautiful!

Hollis Engley said...

Thanks, Doug. It's a nice one.

Hollis Engley said...

And thanks to you, tsbroome. Sometimes things work out just right.