Monday, December 8, 2008

Winter comes early to Cape Cod

We can usually stretch out our autumn until near Christmas and sometimes after that. But not this year. Yesterday was a day of cold, windblown rain along Vineyard Sound and then big heavy snowflakes out here at Hatchville. The cold wind was roaring through the maples last night as we sat in the tub and contemplated Orion. Today dawned cold and sunny.
The pots I took from the gallery were all about 20 degrees F., which made handling them a great deal of fun. But now I have a small display today through Saturday at the Cape Cod 5 Cents Savings Bank, our bank on Falmouth's Main Street. They have a program that encourages their business customers to show their wares in the lobby, a nice way of connecting with their customers. Dee discovered this last week and I signed up. Now there are 30 or so pots in the bank lobby, beckoning people to come to next week's open studio and kiln-opening.
I worked more in the studio yesterday, throwing spouted bowls and a few small creamers. And I went down to Woods Hole for potter Tessa Morgan's open studio event. Lots of good food and lots of Tessa's wonderfully illustrated pots. Tessa's sgraffito work is wonderful. I'll attach a photo here to show you.
Now I go back to my own studio and get back to work. Eggnog cups are up next.


Ron said...

Wow look at that snow! Oh I'm so jealous.
That's a great shop. I love that

Hollis Engley said...

Thanks, Ron. No more snow today, but very cold.

paul jessop said...

The only thing missing are the reindeer.

Hollis Engley said...

You're right, Paul. We're having them brought in for the kiln-opening Dec. 20.

Dan Finnegan said...

The perfect eggnog cup in the Finnegan household has no bottom! (horrible stuff, this eggnog you speak of!)
Just got Lorraine's email about your January visit. I've got the calendar marked.

Hollis Engley said...

Hey, it's tradition. Or ... you can take one half-cup eggnog and one half-cup single malt Scotch, pour the eggnog into a cup, pour the Scotch into another cup, throw away the eggnog and drink the Scotch. That's another alternative.