Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back to work on Soup Bowls and other pots ...

The studio has warmed up a bit in the past few days, with temps outside getting up into the high 40s today. So I've put down my keyboard and photography work for a few days of actually making pots. I'm a potter, so it sorta makes sense that I should make some pots.
I want one more firing before the big show at the Cape Cod Museum of Art (opening Feb. 27). And then we head off to Tobago for a week of lying about under palm trees. Or avocado trees. Or whatever it is they have down there.
One of the projects I have to get accomplished in this next firing is a batch of 20 or so bowls for Soup Bowls for Hunger. This is the Cape Cod version of what is often known as the Empty Bowls Project in other parts of the U.S. Potters from high school students to aging professionals donate handmade soup bowls and restaurants or school culinary arts students donate several kinds of soup, plus bread, and people from the community buy a bowl and fill it with soup. Our bowls get out into the hands of people who will use them and local hunger projects get actual cash to do their increasingly important work.
We first participated in the Northern Virginia Empty Bowls Project when I was still a student in Alexandria and we've continued with it up here on the Cape. I also had a chance to send a couple of bowls to the Idaho Empty Bowls event last year, run by an old journalism friend.
These bowls in the photograph are my regular run of two-pound cereal/soup bowl, made quickly and simply, throwing rings left on and the cut rim turned over.


Dan Finnegan said...

'Bark' to work??? Gone to the dogs, have we?

Hollis Engley said...


tsbroome said...

TOBAGO!?!? My niece is in St. John right now, where she lived for a few years. She moved back here in August and already wants to move back to the islands. Can't much blame her!
Have a great trip. Nice bowls, we are also in the midst of Empty Bowls around here. Loaded lots of bowls in the kiln at Claymakers today.

Hollis Engley said...

Yes, Tobago. (Or TOBAGO!?!?, as Tracey said). We got lucky with good airfares and a cheap place to stay for a week. Charlotteville, a quiet little town. Go to to see the house.