Monday, April 6, 2009

Now ... a few of my own pots from this firing

Well ... and one of Dan Finnegan's, showing off the only all-copper red pot in the load. The three small pots - none taller than three inches - are all Mr. Finnegan's from his Chatham workshop. I went with the red on the middle pot because I knew it would break around the sprigged face and I thought it would look good. And I think it does.
The other pots are some quite nice ones from what was a firing that cleaned much of the spare bisque off the studio shelves. There were many bowls in the firing, including these six, with temmoku, Shaner red and Phil Rogers ash glazes; the one white stoneware teabowl, decorated with some crackle slip pours and celadon ash glaze; a small Shino teabowl with prominent throwing rings and three lobes created by pushing in the wet clay with a piece of bamboo; and three more square Shino whiskey cups, somewhat less carbon-trapped than the ones in the previous firing.
It was a good firing, in spite of the little damper malfunction that allowed more oxidation than I would ever have planned on. Now, on to make more pots and fire again in about three weeks.


Anonymous said...

nice little crawly yunomi

Hollis Engley said...

Yes, Jim, a nice little thing. I need to make about 40 more.

Craig Edwards said...

Tasty!! I want to reach into the computer screen and grab on to those little cubes. Good firing indeed.

Hollis Engley said...

Thanks, Craig. Yeah, gotta do more of those,