Saturday, May 16, 2009

First look inside this week's firing

I opened the kiln door this morning after returning from the coffee shop. It's still a bit warm in there, especially at the top, so we're trying to keep the pinging down to a less-than-orchestral level. But here's a first look at the front of the kiln. I put up a sign at the coffee shop that said we'd open the kiln at 11 this morning, so I'm resisting taking things out for now. I don't know how many people will show ... perhaps no one.
It appears the square whiskey cups and the handbuilt funky teabowls did well with the overlaid Shino glazes and occasional splash of ash glaze. The Antarctic Ash looks pretty good, from what I can see. There seems to be some decent carbon-trapping on the pots that got that glaze. We'll know more when we get things dismantled.
That's the first view, anyway.

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Anonymous said...

wow! look at the blue/black vase on the top right... looks like a winner