Friday, July 24, 2009

Saturday's throwing demo (by me, not Finnegan)

I'll be doing a throwing demonstration tomorrow morning, Saturday July 25, at 11. I don't do many of those, mostly because I like to throw alone in my studio and because I'm not asked all that much. I think my throwing skills are average. On the other hand, most of the people who want to see this kind of thing have never touched clay, so even decent throwing is pretty amazing. I remember watching the late Dennis Davis, my first clay teacher, when he first demonstrated throwing for our beginner class. It was like magic.
And you'll notice that the magician in the photo on this page is not me, but Dan Finnegan of Fredericksburg, Va. This was taken last year in Chatham at Dan's workshop at the Creative Arts Center for the Cape Cod Potters. Note the elegance, the grace, the delicacy, the precision, the finger placement. Note how damn good he is.
Well ... my demo will be perhaps less graceful, but it should be fun. If you're in the area, please come by the Woods Hole Historical Museum in Woods Hole and watch for a while.


Otto said...

You must mean the 25th

Hollis Engley said...


Elizabeth said...

Whether your drinking tea or making pots, a raised pinky is always essential to proper manners. Thanks (as ever) for the kind words, Hollis. I know you'll put on a jolly good show.
Best of luck tomorrow.Had another amazing dinner party tonight around the Milway table...a week to go until Eddie's exhibition...and then home.
Dan...not Bizzie!

Hollis Engley said...

Hard to believe most of your time there has already passed, Daniel. And we should talk about the proposed potters' tour. I should think we would be interested, and probably a couple more groups.

Docks-Pottery said...

Ciao Hollis,is like dancing with fingers.

paul jessop said...

It's Now Wednesday.