Thursday, November 12, 2009

Finnegan is enjoying baked goods ...

I received this tonight from Jerry Brent, Dan's good friend and, with his wife Lou, our faithful reporter in Dan's condition since his surgery a week ago. It appears Dan is out of the hospital and being watched over by friends. The coveted Fredericksburg baked goods and other heartier meals are apparently flowing Finnegan's way. I'll just post the note I got tonight:

Hollis, this from Eric Olsen.
Also, the delicious pies, cakes, casseroles and soups have started to arrive. I'm extremely envious.

On Thu, 11/12/09, Eric L. Olsen wrote:
From: Eric L. Olsen
Subject: An Update from the Friends of Dan Finnegan
After 2 days of his release from the hospital, nothing but good news on the Dan Finnegan progress report!
Without going into too much detail, Dan had surgery to remove the cancerous tumor and the fixing, patching and sewing that followed the procedure went exceedingly well. Dan is progressing as the doctors had hoped and is up and around as much as he should be.
He is in pain, but not too much, and all parts that should be working are working.
He is being closely watched and someone is with him around the clock.
We (collectively, all of his friends, neighbors, well-wishers and loved ones) have been successful in allowing him to focus on his recovery and that is thanks to everyone who is sending all that good Kharma his way. It continues to have a profound impact on his health, so keep bombarding him with your thoughts and prayers.

Friends of Dan Finnegan


paul jessop said...

Very Nice, Very Nice indeed, more Khama winging it's way over the pond today, as I sit in my workshop.

Hollis Engley said...

I got voice mail from Daniel tonight, Paul. He sounded good and was very happy with the things his doctors are telling him.

Anna said...

I've also heard from Jerry that all the lymph node biopsies came back clean as expected!

Hollis Engley said...

More great news, Anna.