Saturday, May 29, 2010

Small cups from me, commentary from another

I put handles on cups this afternoon, cups thrown yesterday. I tend to make big mugs, so I thought I would adapt a footed teabowl form to make a footed and handled cup. I threw about 25 yesterday and pulled the handles today. Always satisfying to see great groups of more or less the same pot sitting there drying.
Middleboro, Mass., potter and brushmaker Ron Mello's facebook page carried a link today to Wildmud Pottery's blog, which I've now added to the roll of blogs to the right. Wildmud is where Oklahoma potter Freeman Loughridge makes his clay and metal sculptures, in a studio on the Red River. I just discovered Freeman, so I don't know a great deal about him. But he appears to be a guy who's been making art of one kind or another for a lot of years. What caught my attention this time was his "B.P. Slick Petroleum Monster," a clay commentary on the disastrous spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Worth looking at.


cookingwithgas said...

I like the size of the mugs.
I have two favorite tea mugs and they are about this size.
It does feel good to have some pots going.
Hum- I'll have to check out that web site.

Anonymous said...

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cindy shake said...

Nice mug/tea bowl shapes -makes me want to hold them in both hands. It is nice to see the "product" of our efforts isn't it?! I feel wealthy when I have an abundance of my work surrounding me -but in reality if the work is surrounding me it means it's not selling and finances are quite the opposite-haha!

Hollis Engley said...

Exactly right, Cindy. I love seeing them go out the door.

Wildmud said...

Hello Hollis. Thanks for the mention and comments on my blog. Looks like we're about the same age. I guess I'll keep making pots 'til the end. I used to spend the fall near Plymouth Mass. at the Renaissance Fair in Carver. You live in a beautiful part of the world, especially in the fall. Great to meet you. I like your pots and observations on the world. I will add a link to your blog from mine.

togeii said...

Hello Hollis,
Thank you for the link information. Very interesing.

MVBLH said...

I think that BP Monster oughta be shipped right to the door of the BP CEO! Awesome!