Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pre-holiday firing ...

I fired yesterday, packing the kiln with leftover pots from previous firings and a few new ones that became available when I bisqued in time to get a full shelf of small vases in at the top. This gives me room to make more stuff for the firing that we'll open the first day of our open house, Dec. 18.
I became fascinated with an old form of mine, a bulbous-bodied vase with a tallish neck. These are small, each about 1.5 pounds of clay, some smaller. But I like the way they work together, and it gives me some new work at a reasonable price for buyers.
This firing got away from me toward the end. I'm never sure how that happens. One minute you see cone 10 starting to fall, then 20 minutes later cone 11 is over. It seems to happen that quickly sometimes. That was what happened this time, so the glazes are a bit meltier and shinier than they might otherwise be. It also means I have some grinding to do now.
So, here are some new vases and one new plate.
Many thanks today to my friends Donna and Laura, who came over to help unload. And brought lunch!


cookingwithgas said...

Lunch! You get the best help!
I like the shape and
I want one off each row!

ang said...

Aren't they just the sweetest setups....lil stunners hollis

Craig Edwards said...

Some pretty nice pots... one would almost say tasty!! Great strong shapes.

janet said...

Wow Hollis - I wish I'd been there to hold these pots while they were warm! And that is truly plate tectonics at its most astounding - a collision and coming together of such different glazings - lovely.

Jim said...

Hi Hollis,

We are looking forward to your open house!