Friday, April 8, 2011

One day to the Slipware East Coast workshop

I suspect Doug and Hannah will be happy to sit down at their wheels and just make pots tomorrow, after a few days of meeting Americans speaking with strange accents. A potluck dinner last night here was a fairly raucous and noisy affair, with lots of good food and a fair amount of good beer and wine. There were potters and non-potters alike here and everyone got on just fine, though I did see Doug and Hannah sneak out onto the porch to listen to the unusual American birds around sunset.
We visited Kim Medeiros's studio this morning, with her husband Mark (barbecuer of great shrimp) supplying us with a first-class gas burner for Doug to use drying his pots during the workshop. Then we swung by the high school to get the video projection system straightened out with the help of specialist Ryan Webber. There will be films tomorrow.
Then we stopped at Anne Halpin's place for a studio tour and a tour of her husband Jim's machine shop and clock shop. Wonderful stuff.
We blasted on home to get some lunch and let the two potters work on their presentation and get a bit of a rest (they're both napping now). It's possible the jet-lag has caught up with them.
Fish and chips tonight. Oh, and Angela Walford arrives in an hour or so. Busy place ...
Photos: Kim Medeiros, Hannah and Doug on Kim's porch; Doug contemplating flame-throwing with Mark's raku burner; the two bad students waiting in the principal's office at Falmouth High School; working out the video problems with Ryan.


Dennis Allen said...

Hollis, Thanks for letting Doug and Hannah do dress rehearsals in Cape Cod before coming to Fredricksburg next week.Glad to hear everyone is having fun.

Dan Finnegan said...

Sounds like you really packed in a's hard to know the balance of showing off America and giving them time to recoup. I keep thinking of all the things that we'll pass on our way to Virginia. See you Sunday!

Hollis Engley said...

Dress rehearsals???? The Broadway run begins here, Dennis. See you Sunday, Dan.