Monday, May 2, 2011

"Potter and Painter" opens in Charlestown

Dara Pannebaker and I had a very pleasant evening Friday, meeting friends and Charlestown residents at the opening of our joint show at the StoveFactory Gallery on Medford St. in Charlestown. We even got to connect with my wife Dee, who came up from Falmouth with our friend Brenda Horrigan. Those two arrived after much convoluted driving between Cambridge and Charlestown, trying to find the right roads. Country girls ...
And fellow Falmouth potter Anne Halpin came up for the opening, with her sister, who lives in the area. Otherwise, it was lots of Charlestown folks, friends of Dara and friends of the Artists Group of Charlestown, who were sipping wine and beer and snacking on the food prepared by Dara's sisters Cheryl and Wendy. Lovely evening. Even sold a few pots.
The show looks very good in this open and well-lighted space in the old factory building. (And gallery-goers were greeted at the door by a huge poster featuring ... well ... I'll attach a photo and you'll see.) My pots have never been shown in such an elegant setting. Saturday and Sunday, we opened the gallery at 11 and kept it open until 6. We had a steady - if sparse - flow of people coming in. The gallery is off the beaten Charlestown path, so the people who come to see the pots and paintings are not just dropping by on a whim. They come because they intend to come. In spite of the relatively light turnout on the two weekend days, I sold some pots. And we still have three days - this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday - ahead of us with the gallery open. I'll be back in Charlestown Friday to be there with Dara from 6 to 9, then open at 11 Saturday and Sunday, with a mid-afternoon closing reception Sunday. Please come by if you have the chance.
Photos: From the top down, toward the end of the Friday night reception, the stragglers choosing work to take home; an overall view of the gallery; Shino bowls and Dara's small studies; paintings with vases; the poster (yikes!) at the gallery entrance.
And a PS: I apologize for misspelling Karla Quattrochi's name in the last post. It's Karla with a K, not a C. And now, no doubt, I've misspelled her surname.


Anna said...

Hope you don't come down with "big head" after seeing that poster. :) Your work looks great in that setting!

cookingwithgas said...

Hollis! The show looked great and it must feel good in many,many ways.
Sweeeet rewards!

Dennis Allen said...

Hope you sell at least enough pots to frame that poster for your living room.

Tracey Broome said...

I wish I lived closer, I would love to see the show! It looks so restful and the paintings compliment the pots so well. I would love to see my raku barns in a setting like that, white barns in a white gallery, could be very cool.That's a great space. Sell those pots!!! and good luck to the painter as well!

ang said...

wow that looks like a cool show!! enjoy Hollis :))

Kings Creek Pottery said...

It IS an elegant setting, just beautiful! The work compliments each other and looks terrific. Best of luck for more sales this coming weekend.
Kudos to you!!

Michèle Hastings said...

congratulations Hollis! the show looks beautiful, the paintings and the pots look very harmonious.

Peter said...

Hi Hollis,
Thank you for your posts leading up to the show and for your photos of it. It is a joy for me to be able to look at your work, even from this distance. The crawled and textured shinos, and the honest, simple forms speak to me of sea, sand, wind and weather. If I stumbled across one of your pots out on the headland whilst beach combing, it would seem right. More than a decade ago Laura and I visited St Ives in Cornwall, UK, and saw Barbara Hepworth's studio. I was familiar with her work from what I had seen in books and in art collections, and it had never done much for me really. Visiting her studio opened my eyes. Her sculpture seemed to live and to breathe the place, and I love it now.
Good to see your work displayed with some seascapes and your show does look great. I just have this urge to gather up your pots by the armload and display them outside with a backdrop of real rocks,sea and sand, and the brush of spray laden air on the skin, and the cry of the gulls! And to dance and to shout and say, "Hey everyone, look at this!"
Hope sales go well for you, and you are able to settle back into life and work again post exhibition (I always find such things stressful and disruptive).
Kind Thoughts, P