Monday, June 20, 2011

Selling pots as Arts Alive opens the summer

This small, local June show is always fun and - mostly - always in fair weather. The weather held again this year, with brilliant sun and blue skies. Lots of shoppers on Saturday and I sold a few pots. Sunday, however, being Father's Day, was slooooooowwww into midafternoon. At least for me. I sold next to nothing ... no, wait ... I sold exactly nothing ... until about 3, then a few things in the next few hours, which made the day worthwhile.
As always, there's no judging what kind of pots people are buying - mugs sold, as did vases, small dishes, bowls, plates. Young people (see the photo) bought pots, as did a few older folks. So at least there's hope that 20somethings aren't just into iPods, manga and video games. At least a few of them like handmade stuff.
For me, the winner of the weekend was the Square connection, for easy acceptance of people's credit cards. First time I've used it. As long as you've got a smart phone and an internet connection, this thing is brilliant. If you're doing the knucklebuster at craft fairs or in your own studio, or writing down credit card numbers and then inputting them later at home, this is the thing to get. It's been well-reviewed all over the place, so I won't give all the details. But if you're at all interested in taking credit cards from folks, this is the way to go. Go to and take a look at it. It costs you money only when you make a sale, you get the smartphone app and the one-inch-square card swiper free. It's pretty cool, a Google spinoff, and better than HDTV. Worth looking into.
OK, enough salesmanship for Square.
You'll see from the photos that my new, industrial strength display was used for the first time this weekend. Great little collapsible ladders from Lowe's, staging planks from Wood Lumber here in town, planing of the planks courtesy of Jim Akens' wonderful woodshop. It makes for a very clean and easy setup, though it might be too industrial for some people. I like it much better than the folding tables, dirty tablecloths and wooden boxes I've used for the past several years. And it's sturdy enough that chimpanzees could swing from the ladders and shelves and not disturb the pots. Well ... maybe ... but it's sturdy as hell. Easy to break down, too.
We're expecting Tracey and Gerry Broome here tomorrow night, with daughter Wesley. The Chapel Hill potter and her family have been touring Maine and New England and are headed back south. We'll see if we can find some fish to give them tomorrow night.
All for now.


Judy Abdelaziz said...

Looks good. I have collapsable shelving units that are easy but heavy. Yours seems lighter.

Hannah said...

Hey Hollis, looks good, glad the weather was kind to you.
Give Tracey a big hug from me when you see her.
take care,

cookingwithgas said...

I like the ladder system.
I hope Trace and family are all in refreshed and relaxed mode and have enjoyed the heck out of some down time.
Enjoy your time with them.
PS- father's day is not the best time to see folks at an art show- Mother's day either- people should be spending time with love ones...

Anna said...

Here's another vote for Square.

Glad you had good weather for your weekend, and Tell Tracy I said hello!

ang walford said...

yeh go the square!! one day maybe it will make it over here...and ditching the shino whats up with that?? but yey for soda wish there was a course here, i'm gonna have to figure it out for myself!! looking good chief love the timber shelves :))

janet said...

Clean, easy and sturdy are all good. Your pots will look brilliant on anything

Hollis Engley said...

Janet, you say the nicest things. And cook the best cakes, too, in case not everyone knows it.
Thanks, guys. I think this system will work out. I like it a lot, and it forces me to edit pots more than I have usually done.
Meredith, it sounds like they've had a great time. We'll see them here some time in the next few hours. Dinner's more or less prepared.
Ang, no, I'm not getting out of Shino glazes. I should clarify that I'm going to dump out all my current buckets of glaze and start again with them. Plus, I've found a couple more Shino recipes that might be good to try. And Shino does well in soda, too, so I'm not going too far away from it.

ang walford said...

oh good!!!! i love shino :))