Saturday, July 2, 2011

Green Ash Glaze from Blair Meerfeld

This glaze was a test in this week's firing here. It's a recipe from Phil Rogers' book "Salt Glazing," and I think is a Blair Meerfeld glaze. In any case, it's listed on the same page as Meerfeld's pots. The photo on the page, a salt-glazed ewer, looks a good deal different from my results. Not a big surprise, since that often happens in different kilns on different clays and in different atmospheres. The glaze on the ewer looks like a blue-green Rob's Green. And mine might have been mixed thinner than this one, and is a faceted bowl made with Laguna B-Mix, a white porcelaneous stoneware. Anyway, here's the recipe.
Green Ash Glaze
Whiting ..........20
Wood ash ......20
Kona F-4 Spar ... 20
SGP Ball Clay (I used OM-4) ... 20
Flint ........20
Black Copper Oxide ... 4
Cobalt Carb ... 2


Troy Bungart said...

That is a very rich surface. I sure miss doing salt work. Some day I hope to get back to it!

Michèle Hastings said...

beautiful surface. i really like throwing laguna b-mix, it's spectacular in a wood firing.
i haven't bought any since the move to NC. you inspire me to order some.
i can't seem to shake the term "throwing" since moving south... everyone here "turns" clay.

Michael Mahan said...

I'm sure it's a lovely green, but I'm red/green color blind, darnit. I like the texture.

FetishGhost said...

Thanks Hollis.
That one is going strait into the recipe book. Going give it a try next firing.

Joaki said...

I really like these surface finishes, congratulations

June Perry said...


There's no cobalt in that Meerfield green ash - just 4 copper ox, and 2 copper carb.

I suspect he applies it very thin, or there's an error. That's way too much copper for that color. I suspect 4% copper carb would give that color especially when hit with soda or enough salt.