Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane coming ... maybe

I grew up on Martha's Vineyard, a few miles across the water from our current hometown of Falmouth on Cape Cod. So I have been through a few hurricanes. I know that they come or they don't come, based on their own whims and the doings of the atmosphere. Irene, currently approaching the coast of North Carolina, seems to be certain to give us some high wind and heavy rain, at least, on Sunday. Or it could hit us head-on and really roar. But you never know.
Our nephew Jason is being married Sunday evening in Newport, RI, which could very well be the place and the time that Irene's eye comes ashore in southern New England. Lucky us. Family is here from Maine, New York and New Mexico for the wedding. No one knows at this point whether we'll even be able to get to Newport, let alone drink toasts to the couple on the lawn. Sooooo ... we're waiting and watching the Weather Channel.
I haven't made many pots this week, what with all the prep work for visiting family. But I took a break this afternoon to photograph some things that might not be left when Irene passes through. Last spring, Dee planted a lovely wide row of sunflowers between our property and our neighbor's. They came up beautifully, and provided a nice little border on that side of the yard. Even a brush by Irene will probably do in the sunflowers, so I thought I'd record them. And I just roasted a bunch of tomatoes, with a couple of tomatillos thrown in. The garden is likely to be a wreck after the storm.
All for now. See you on the other side.


Hannah said...

Hold on to your hats my dears (and the cats!)

Dennis Allen said...

Good Luck!

Tracey Broome said...

Lucky neighbors that they get to share those beautiful sunflowers! Gerry is down at the coast now, who knows when he will be home, they may send him up your way, he has had some kick ass pictures this week! Stay safe, I grew up on the coast too, nothing like those pine trees cracking in complete darkness is there?

Carol Ross said...

Love the sunflowers! Good luck, stay safe.

Gail said...

Perhaps the storm will go further to the east and The Cape will be on the weaker side. Good luck on geting to the wedding...will be thinking of you as we weather whatever 'Irene' gives us here in eastern Pennsylvania.

cookingwithgas said...

what is it about the beauty of Sunflowers. There is something about them that just draws one in and they seem to embrace all that is summer. Then when they begin to fad for some reason they more than any flower I know or love just seem so sad.I always try to tell myself they are feeding the birds with their seeds.
And tomatoes my true summer love- I was missing them just yesterday as I had pulled ours up and then someone gave me 5- better than gold and what good friends.
Your wedding- I hope that it goes off no matter what Irene has in store for you all- it will give you all stories to be told again and again.
Good night Irene we see our dreams

Michèle Hastings said...

lovely garden pictures... my parents were married in a hurricane on september 11th in 1955 in Dover, NH, very close to the coast, many people couldn't make it to the wedding...they have been happily married for 56 years... i wish the same for your nephew and his bride!

Sister Creek Potter said...

We are remodeling our kitchen. I wanted a backsplash to be made by my teacher/mentor/friend--she does wonderful work. She came by yesterday to show the 'first draft' to check colors and get approval of her rendition of my requested theme: sunflowers! It is great! I'll send you a picture when it is installed.
Good luck in regards to Irene.
Gay Judson

Hollis Engley said...

Thanks for the kind comments, everyone. As I write this, there is no wind, it's warm with a light cloud cover. The storm is coming, though it appears now that it will go inland. The wedding Sunday has been cancelled, due to the Rhode Island governor's declaration of a state of emergency. We'll be in the house tomorrow, watching the blow going on outside. Or maybe driving to beaches to see what's happening there. The new wedding date is yet to be established, but might be Monday or Tuesday. No doubt they'll go on their honeymoon regardless.