Friday, October 14, 2011

Leave the beach, come to the oysters

Saturday and Sunday, the little town of Wellfleet, way down-Cape near Eastham and Truro, will be filled with people chasing the wily bivalve. The OysterFest is in town, complete with shucking contests, music, lots of good seafood, decent beer, and many, many people like me selling things we more or less make with our hands.
Come on down.
Weather predictions vary a bit, but most seem to agree it will be windy. We've been warned by the powers that be to bring our tent weights. I go nowhere without them. It appeared for a while this week that we might get rain, but at the moment predictions are for sun. It's a lovely little town, with good restaurants and bars, and on this weekend with about 20,000 people squeezed into a space big enough for about a tenth that number. Never mind, though, it's a fun event and usually a good one for the vendors. The last gasp of "summer," so to speak.
So, do come if you're in the neighborhood.
As to the photo ... well, actually, it was shot in North Carolina last fall, between rain storms, but I'm guessing you could find a dozen or so places on the Atlantic beach near Wellfleet that would look exactly like that.


Anna said...

So what are YOUR weights of choice?

Have a great show!

Tracey Broome said...

Come back in a few years and shoot that same picture, you may have oil drills in the background :(
What a great photo! Sell lots and lots!!!!!

Dennis Allen said...

Hoping you have good weather and great sales.