Thursday, November 24, 2011

Randy Johnston, Pucker Gallery

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. And thanks for your good words on Dee's brother's death.
Life goes on. The kiln in the studio is dry-stacked with pots for a firing next week. Then I'll start making the last few pots for the holiday kiln-opening here Dec. 17. More about that show in a day or two, but it's the last gasp of the year for me before settling into winter and beginning to fill out applications for next summer's shows.
The pottery event I'm most looking forward to right now is the Randy Johnston show at the Pucker Gallery in Boston. I got the catalog a couple of weeks ago and it looks like a terrific show. I do love Randy's pots. For those few who don't know his work - or the work of his wife Jan McKeachie Johnston - the couple lives in the American Midwest, in Wisconsin, and fire with wood. Randy studied with Warren McKenzie in Minnesota and he now makes mature, rugged and beautiful pots.
He joined the Pucker group of potters a couple of years ago. For me, the best part about the shows at the Pucker is that anyone can come in and pick up these beautiful things to get the full experience. Can't afford a few hundred dollars for a teabowl? No problem. Come look and touch and enjoy them, anyway. And the catalog, with excellent photography, is worthy of keeping on a bookshelf.
The show opens Dec. 3 with a reception and closes Jan. 30. Call the Pucker Gallery at 617-267-9473 for a copy of the catalog, or go online to for a pdf version. The photos here are from the Pucker website.


Barry said...

We were just talking about the holiday kiln opening! Can't wait.


Michèle Hastings said...

Randy and Jan both make beautiful pots. I was fortunate to meet them when Randy did a workshop at the NH Institute of Art a couple of years ago when Jeff was on the faculty there. I think it was when Randy had his first Pucker show. Jeff and I met up with them again when Jan had a show last year at Lacoste Gallery in Concord, MA. Pucker and Lacoste are two of my favorite galleries in New England.

cookingwithgas said...

Happy Day to you and Dee.
A day at the Pucker Gallery will not be wasted.
Fondle some of those pots for me.
I met them years ago and enjoyed their workshop when they were here in NC.
Hugs galore! M

gz said...

I love that bottom pot.It sits there, confident in itself.