Friday, February 17, 2012

Loading the kiln, then a beach walk ...

The process of glazing and loading the kiln - even a relatively small one like mine - always wears me out. Something to do with the glaze decisions, probably. Mental rather than physical, though throwing around the 5-gal. buckets and lifting the relatively light kiln shelves may have something to do with it.
But I finished up loading this afternoon about 2, and went out for an hourlong walk around Lawrence Island, a peninsula near here that partially encloses little Squeteague Harbor. The rising tide covered the single board footbridge, forcing me to detour along a swampy path that goes around a tiny pond, thence to the beach bordering Buzzards Bay.
There was no one else on the beach, or up in the woods at the center of the island, where kids go to drink in the summer and adults go for quiet contemplation. As I've written before, that's one of the things that keep us living in this beautiful place. We have it to ourselves this time of year. Not even any boats on the horizon.
I only had my iPhone with me, but used the High Dynamic Range camera application for several spooky 3D-ish photos.
I light the kiln tomorrow morning after coffee. Lots of Shino and Nuka in there, on rough clay pots. We'll see.


Dennis Allen said...

Happy Firing.

cindy shake said...

Oh, to see those lovely colors in the sea and in the sky! Just beautiful... anything besides snow I enjoy seeing these days!

cookingwithgas said...

The place you live is so beautiful and breaks my heart a tiny bit when I see it.
Best on the firing you are working really hard this winter!