Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A (non-pottery) digression to Ethiopia

Those of you who know Dee and me better than most might realize that the Pantengliopolis blog linked to the right (with the Finnegan, Whynot, Tracey, Karatsu, Fitch, McAndrew and all the rest) belongs to our son Marcus and his wife Anastasia. Both are hard-working, hard-playing young people in Seattle. But for the past week, Anastasia's job in global health and her thousands of resulting air miles have taken them both to Ethiopia.
"Ethiopia?!?" you say? Well ... maybe you don't say that. But we certainly did. Not at the top of the list of vacation spots for us. But these two people are deeply into backcountry skiing and various kinds of elevating themselves onto high rocks. No skiing in Ethiopia, apparently, but lots of high-altitude rocks.
So, if you're interested in our family (and I understand that's kind of a limited audience in here), or if you're interested in very good descriptive travel writing about a part of the world we usually associate with poverty, guerrillas and car bombs, take a look at the past few entries and photos on Pantengliopolis.com. Worth looking at. And not just because we're proud of our two kids.
The name, by the way, comes from a merger of Marcus's last name, Engley, and Anastasia's family name, Pantelias.


cookingwithgas said...

What a great adventure those two are on! I have to go take a read.
happy valentine's Day to you and Dee- we're in, save us a place at the table... but don't wait for us.
I will think of you both and have a toast to you tonight.

Tracey Broome said...

Looks like me and Gerry in our younger days! What a great kid and in law you have (not that I really know them, but they look pretty cool). Thanks for sharing!

Hollis Engley said...

You're right, Tracey. I suspect they are much like the two of you were. And they're great kids, both of them. And Meredith, we didn't wait, but none of you showed up to help us with the sushi. Damn.

Marcus said...

My feet are now famous in the pottery world. :)