Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Catching up a bit ... and firing

With all the hoo-hah in the past month or so about NCECA and the resident Hatchville Dragon, I neglected to post a couple of photos of new pots in our cupboard. When Carolina potters Ron Philbeck and Michael Kline were here for a workshop several weeks ago, we traded pots and I ended up with a lovely and lighthearted sgraffitoed flower mug from Ron and a beautiful woodfired cup from Michael. Each is a great addition and both have been well-used. Those guys make drinking vessels that are very comfortable to use. I'm loving both of them.
And, I should mention that I actually got two mugs from Ron. The other was a rabbit mug, which went to our favorite local rabbit farmers, Mike and Tammy Race, well known to some of you. I've seen that one in use at their house, so I know it's also appreciated.

At bottom, the loaded kiln, which should be fired Thursday. Note the undulating form of the dragon on the bottom shelf.


cookingwithgas said...

Nice! And how goes tha Rabbit raising? I hope well- I was thinking about them the other day- say hello for us.
And hello to Dee as well- now get that firing finished!

Dennis Allen said...

Wouldn't it be great to have a resident dragon to fire the kiln for you?

gz said...

looking forward to seeing the fired dragon!! (and your work too of cuorse!)

Hannah said...

Oh Dennis, wouldn't that be fab! You know I've never thought of asking my dragons if they would help out with that, I might put that to them next time they pop by.
Love the meanders in the slip on that cup. tasty.

Ron said...

Glad you are enjoying your cups Hollis. I am certainly enjoying the pots I got from you. (Need to do a photo shoot of them!). Good luck w. the firing, look forward to seeing the dragon!

Dennis Allen said...

Well Hannah that might work for you since your dragons seem to run on wee little pies. Over here they still demand virgins and they are in short supply.