Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Morning coffee and big, funky teabowls

Some of you readers know I spend most early mornings at one of the local coffee shops in downtown Falmouth. Some of you have even been there with me. Coffee Obsession in Falmouth is a hub of the town, attracting a range of people - those who want a little quiet, uninterrupted coffee-and-newspaper-reading time (that would be me), people who dash in for a cup of coffee to go, people who want to talk international politics at an hour when most people are barely awake, people who have just gotten off the ferry from Martha's Vineyard and need coffee for the ride to Boston, people who have laptops and notebooks and PhD theses to write.
I'm there most mornings about 6:30 and usually get through my Boston Globe sports section (the Patriots have started the NFL season, finally, so some of the bad Red Sox news has been swept from the section) and the Metro section before anyone else sits down to ... ummmm ... talk. Anyway, that's what I do most early mornings. My wife, Dee, usually comes in around 8:15 and more readily engages the other nice folks at the table in conversation.

Anyway, early in the morning, the photo at the top of this post is more or less what my tabletop looks like at the coffee shop - coffee and the sports section. After coffee, I'm off to do errands around downtown, then back to the studio. The second photo is of big, faceted teabowls with crushed granite inclusions, drying on a wareboard. I'll trim them tomorrow morning, before going clamming.


cookingwithgas said...

coffee, tea-bowls and clams....I need a plane ticket....
Mark reminded me about the fact that we were there just about this time last year..sigh.

Tracey Broome said...

I need a plane ticket too! Let's get them at the same time!
Ahhh, the morning paper, too bad a whole generation is going to grow up not knowing the pleasure of reading a real paper :(

Dan Finnegan said...

I've never known that place to be quiet enough to read a paper. Nice to think of all your friends who pass through there.