Thursday, September 13, 2012

Visiting Kim Medeiros in Pocasset

The Cape Cod Potters have a show coming up next month at the Cape Cod Museum of Art and I got the assignment to shoot some photos of working potters for the walls of the room we'll be in. So today I drove over to Pocasset - about 20 minutes from our place - to shoot photos of my friend Kim Medeiros.
Kim's business is The Barn Pottery. She's just off a "major" intersection in downtown Pocasset. (I put quotes around "major" because in that part of Cape Cod some pretty small business districts qualify for that adjective. Pocasset is one of them.) UK potters Hannah McAndrew and Doug Fitch will remember her place; that's where we went to borrow the torch for Doug's flaming pot-making last year.
Kim put on a good pot-throwing and decorating show for the camera, and served fresh coffee and banana bread in addition. Not a bad way to spend an hour away from the studio.
I thought I'd post a few photos of Kim at work in her highly decorative studio.


Kimberly Medeiros said...

Thanks for putting my "girly" studio on your blog, Hollis.

Ron said...

Hi Kim. Great photos.