Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A lovely little Nic bowl today, via Royal Mail

British collector James Hazlewood and I have been trading e-mails and Facebook messages for some weeks now about the pots he has acquired and about my pots. He's said some nice things about my work, which is flattering coming from someone who is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about pottery.
Several weeks ago, he asked if I would like copies of pottery videos that he has. I said I would and offered to trade him a pot for the videos. The deal was struck.
Today, the profile of the young Queen Elizabeth II was on the corner of a box that arrived on our doorstep via Royal and U.S. mails. Inside, about a dozen (I haven't counted them yet) pottery DVDs and a sweet little Nic Collins woodfired bowl, a lovely thing. I've admired Nic's work for some time. Look him up if you don't know what he does. Wonderful, rough woodfired pots. He's a great friend of our friend Doug Fitch and Goldmark has a very good small film of him and his work on their website (goldmarkart.com).
Many thanks, James. Something good will soon be coming your way.


Darlene said...

Yes a very lovely bowl! Thanks for sharing!

Tracey Broome said...

There's just something about bowls lately! That's a good one:)

James Hazlewood said...

I must send you another something soon Hollis :) I'm VERY pleased with my bowls. Thank you :D