Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First finished collaborative pot

Kimberly Sheerin Medeiros and I have been collaborating on pots for the past few months. Kim is a master carver and decorator and I just throw and glaze pots. So I've been giving her leather-hard jars, large and small, and she's been working on them in her studio at The Barn Pottery in Pocasset. She fired yesterday and today the first finished pot of this joint effort came out of the kiln. That's my partner Kim with the pot in the top photo. It's a lovely vase with a combination of overlapped glazes on the uncarved parts and iron oxide wash on the carvings.
The first of many, we hope. And we're both particularly excited to see what will come of this collaboration when our wood kiln is built, with luck some time late this spring.
My role, by the way, aside from throwing the raw material for her decoration, is to take her carved and slipped cups and mugs and glaze them with overlapped Shino and other glazes. That's still to come, with luck in a bit more than two weeks. I have her pots here now, but we're headed off to palm trees and sunshine for about ten days. I'll get back to work in the second week of March.
The photos: Kim in her studio with our first pot; another carved jar, used this time to roll impressions into roughly square slab plates. Much more to come.

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