Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bigger jars for the top shelf

The next firing is probably a week away, with a bunch of mugs (and other pots) yet to be thrown in the next few days. Should have a group of the collaborative pots Kim Medeiros and I have been working on, as well as some tall jars from my own wheel.
Kim and I have worked in the past couple of weeks on estuary-related pots for a summer 2013 show at the Falmouth Art Center. We were invited to participate together by Suzy Bergmann, the center director. These pots - a wide, shallow platter and a tall jar - will reflect the flow of the water in our Cape estuaries and the life that lives in that flow. We're both pretty excited about both the work and the invitation.
The top photo is of the drying jars in my own studio; next one down is Kim with the estuary platter this morning, after she's finished the decoration. More detailed photos to follow, once these pieces are fired.


Peter said...

Hi Hollis,
How great to be doing collaborative pots. Potting is often so solitary these days, and working with someone else must take you into new creative areas and expand the range of work that you do. On the rare occasions that I have had others working in the studio here, I have been amazed at the pace of work, and the new directions that open up.

Loved the photos of the saw mill, and good that such small mills are still in use.

Glad that your blog continues... I have not managed to make the move to Facebook. I am a silly old thing and enjoy the longer form that the blog provides. FB with all the "likes" and "friends" still gives me an allergic reaction!!

Anyway, great to see what you are doing, and wish I could see it in person.

Kind Thoughts, P

Hollis Engley said...

Thanks, Peter. Working with someone else for at least part of the time has been fun and productive. Of course, the someone else has to be compatible. It seems to work for Kim and me. Don't worry, I'm not giving up the blog.

Tracey Broome said...

Love black and white photos of clay pots, talk about ZEN!
What a place for the eye to rest..... Ahhhhhhh

cookingwithgas said...

We call the bad boys on the top shelf "crown" pots.
I don't know where the term came into our language but it has stuck with us.
Maybe they are like royalty, you just need them to carry all the others along.
You are both gaining much from this team work.