Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Deadlines coming up for our "Facets of the Harbor" show in New Bedford

About two weeks ago, Kim Medeiros (The Barn Pottery in Pocasset) and I were offered a show in nearby New Bedford at Gallery 65 on William. It's a lovely and big cooperative gallery in a former hardware store right in the old fishing city's downtown. And it's only two blocks from the wonderful New Bedford Whaling Museum.
The show of pots was to be paired with photographs of the old port by John Robson. Could we show perhaps 20 with a "port" theme, asked the gallery's Nicole St. Pierre? Of course, we said. We've been making pots together for the past six months. I can throw big pots, Kim is a great thrower and decorator. Of course we can do that.
The problem - the show opens June 8, pots are due June 3. I got right on the big shallow bowls, smaller dinner plate-size bowls and tall jars. Let them dry a bit, then got them in my truck over to Kim's studio in Pocasset. There, the painstaking detail work happened. Stamps were conceived. What do we need? Ospreys? Flounder? Cod? Haddock? Horseshoe crabs? Swordfish? What the hell does a haddock look like, anyway? Find pictures of fishing trawlers, sailing schooners from a century ago, the old city skyline, sperm whales, bowhead whales, right whales, whaling ships, old copies of Moby Dick with those stunning woodcuts by Rockwell Kent. Googled photos zipped between Hatchville and Pocasset.
Kim has sgraffitoed herself right to the limit. She's just about done now. I have three of the big bowls here in my studio for putting in the bisque kiln tomorrow. I brought them very carefully back here in my truck today.
All of this, and we still have to glaze and fire the big pots, along with smaller cups and bowls that will be in the show. Oh, and we have two big pots due in July for a show on estuaries at the Falmouth Center for the Arts and the Waquoit Bay National Estuarial Reserve.
Here are some photos of the work in progress, the top two with Kim at work.


Kimberly Medeiros said...

Oohhhh,I like the shots with the sunlight coming in;)!

smartcat said...

Beautiful! Toes crossed for success!

Dennis Allen said...

Those are going to be gorgeous!

Gail said...

Hollis...Nothing like working under pressure. Kim's sgraffito work is amazing. I wish that I could get back to the Cape to see these. Maybe you will have some around in the fall when I return.

A. Bear said...

Blown away by the sgraffito! The spermwhale is wonderful.

Peter said...

Fantastic work, and it sounds like it will be a great show. Good luck with the firing.

imagine said...

I really love these Hollis.
The combination of your talents has made these special.
The Whale on the large jar! Incredible.

Hollis Engley said...

Thanks, everyone. I just marvel at the speed and quality of the work Kim does on these pots. It's a pleasure to deliver the raw thrown work to her and then see what becomes of it.