Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The blog is back ... and an international show of clay this summer

Hello to both my blog readers.
I'm kidding about that (I think), but only barely. It's been eight months since the last post. But I'm doing a little mouth-to-mouth on, hoping that it will revive and be a lively part of my outreach to the world from snowy Cape Cod.
For the past year or so, I have tried to post daily to my Hatchville Pottery Facebook page, and I've been fairly successful at that. So those of you who want to see what's been going on since June - those who are Facebook users, that is - can go to my page and check it out. I've reached people all over the world through that page. I love that connection There are lots of pots there, photos of wood kilns, weather on Cape Cod, etc. But I know there are stubborn anti- and just plain uninterested-in-FB people out there, soooooo ... the blog is back, and to quote Joe Pesci in "My Cousin Vinny," "for YOU!"
The significant announcement today is the "Collaborations In Clay" show that Kim Medeiros and I are curating at Falmouth's Highfield Hall this summer. Highfield is a restored mansion that is now a beautiful conference and art center. We were asked by Highfield's exhibitions director Annie Dean to put together a small show of collaborative clay work by potters from around the US and the world. Invitations to participate in the show are still going out, but we have confirmations already from Hannah McAndrew and Doug Fitch of the UK, Blair Meerfeld and Allison Coles Severance of Maryland, Bruce Martin of the North Island in New Zealand, Patty Griffin of California, Abby Rappaport of Israel and several others. Each invitee will choose another clay person to work with and produce a collaborative piece for the show. Plus, each collaborator will have a solo piece as part of the exhibit.
"Collaborations" will run throughout the summer season and bring a new international clay presence to Falmouth and Cape Cod. We're very excited about that and expect that there will be other events related to the show. Please go to for full details as they become available. And if you're on Cape Cod this summer, please come by Highfield and see the exhibit.
Besides working on this show, Kim and I are still prospecting on Cape Cod for a place to put our planned wood kiln. Earlier this year we drove a U-Haul truck to Rhode Island and brought home 1500 bricks, 38 shelves and assorted other gear, most of which is now weighing down the southeast corner of my basement. In a hurricane, that will be the place to go.
That's all for now. Glad to be back.
The photos, top to bottom: Anagama-fired vase by New Zealand potter Bruce Martin and his late wife Estelle, UK potters Doug Fitch and Hannah McAndrew, Maryland potter Allison Coles Severance, Maryland potter Blair Meerfeld, California sgraffito potter Patty Griffin.