Monday, April 21, 2014

A little bit of North Carolina on Cape Cod

Dinner tonight here in Falmouth is a cheese grits casserole made with barbecued pork and Portuguese linguica sausage. The grits are courtesy of Tracey Broome in Chapel Hill, NC. And fine grits they are. They're from Old Mill of Guilford in Oak Ridge, NC. Yellow grits. Nothin' better.
My firing partner Kim Medeiros and I helped fire Rose Esson-Dawson's new wood kiln a few days ago. Actually, Kim was the operator of the splitter two days before the firing. I wielded my chainsaw and supplied wood for Kim to split. Then I spent several hours throwing wood into the Julie Crosby-designed kiln Saturday with Rose, Ron Mello and Rose's husband Bruce. We open Thursday, though Kim will have to observe from her beach holiday at Salvo, NC, where I assume she has ready access to grits.
Below: Cheese grit casserole ready for the oven; fine stoker and potter Ron Mello of Middleboro, MA, shaking up the ash pit in Rose's Bourry Box kiln.